Petit Capet. The little brother. The one that's always running and hanging around the oldest. The one who's a bit of a rogue, more playful. Petit Capet is the youngest of the house, spoilt as the rest, smiling to anyone passing by. If going to Capet is a mandatory visit to a dimension where flavours, scents, and passion combine to give us an event full of honesty, doing it at Petit Capet is enjoying exactly the same, so to speak, without leaving your childhood neighborhood.

Some of our dishes

Cantabrian anchovy
Anchoa del Cantábrico
2,50 €

Iberian ham

Paletilla de jamón
14,40 €

Chicken croquette with kimchi
Croqueta de pollo con kimchi
2,50 €

Bun with beef stew, chipotle mayonnaise and fresh herbs

Mollete de carne mechada,
mayonesa de chipotle y hierbas frescas
6,95 €

Plum “gazpacho”, plum slices and marinated mussels

Gazpacho de ciruela con láminas de ciruela y mejillones en escabeche
7,90 €

Tomato salad, strawberries and goat cheese ice cream

Ensalada de tomate, fresas y helado de queso de cabra

11,70 €

Croaker “aguachile” with vegetables and tobiko eggs

Aguachile de corvina, verduritas y huevas de tobiko
13,50 €

Roasted pumpkin, homemade ricotta cheese and nuts vinaigrette
Calabaza asada, ricotta casera y vinagreta de frutos secos
8,20 €

Some of our wines

Lluerna Els Vinyerons ‘18
19,00 €

Ónra La Gravera ‘19
Garnatxa, sauvignon blanc
Costers del Segre
22,00 €

Fragas do Lecer ‘18
20,25 €

9+ Mèdol ‘17
Baix Gaià, Tarragona
22,00 €

Olivardots vermell ‘16
Syrah, garnatxa, carinyena
26,50 €

Suc de Sauló Comunica ‘17
Garnatxa, carinyena
27,60 €

Martelo Torre Oña ‘14
Tempranillo, garnatxa, mazuelo, viura
38,00 €

Chat Fou Éric Texier ‘17
Garnatxa, clairette, marsanne
Côtes du Rhône
27,00 €


Find us at

C/ Benet Mercadé 21-23
08012 Barcelona
931 155 366

Open from 13:00 to 15:30
and from 20:30 to 23:30
Tuesdays to Saturdays

You can also find us at Capet